Actor Headshots

We offer packages of five fully-edited, natural light, outdoor headshots, selected by you! Extra edited shots are available at an additional cost.

5 Headshot Package: $150

Additional Shots: $15ea or $30 for 3

Model Shots

Similar to the Actors Headshot Package, the Model Shots package is more personalized to the model's needs, with a mix of outdoor, natural light shots and studio-lit shots available.

5 Edited shots outdoor$150

5 Edited shots studio: $175

5 Edited shots mixed lighting: $200

Additional Shots: $15ea or $30 for 3


Theatre Production Shots

Four different packages available, more tailored towards theatre companies.

Package 1$100
Full photoshoot and graphic design for portrait poster and Facebook cover photo

Package 2$200
Previous Package + Secondary promotional photoshoot/edit (ie specific cast, multiple posters, etc)

Package 3: $300
Previous Packages + Dress Run photoshoot (1 - 2 weeks notice required)

Package 4$400
Previous Packages + Headshots for each cast member

Promotional Materials

Wide range of services available, from tangible to digital materials. Printing is not included in service costs.

Single Poster Photography/Design: $100

(Bulk poster packages deals apply)

Theatre Program Design: $100

(Notice required 3 weeks before the due date; 30% discount when bundled with  $400 Theatre Production Package)

Promotional Video$250
(30-second video, designed in conjunction with you. Extra costs will incur extra fees [extra hire, longer video, etc])

Image by John Matychuk


We offer actor, singer and dancer showreels. Below are the base packages, and any extra needs will incur extra fees.

Actor Showreel$200
Two monologues fully edited single shot.

Extra actors, multishot and additional scenes available at cost

Singer Showreel: $250
Single song studio-grade audio recording, single-shot film fully edited

Dancer Showreel$300
Single song multishot fully edited (you coordinate venue)

Music Videos

As this is very subjective, prices will be quoted after consultation, but Puddleduck can be involved in:

Conceptualization: We will help figure out what you want your video to be

Actor/Extra Hire: Need a crowd? We can fill it

Filming: Full storyboard, shot-for-shot plan and filming schedule



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